Why integrate Moroccan crafts in your interior?
There are many decorating ideas that anyone can use to decorate their home. Moroccan decoration is definitely one of the most common today. It is also becoming a real fashion…
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Tips Related Carpet
How do you clean a Berber rug?
A Berber carpet is a carpet … of character! Yes, between its particular patterns and its handcrafted manufacture, the Berber carpet is an object of decoration which has a history…
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Vintage Rugs
Which rugs to dress up my vintage living room?
Quality and often for long term use, vintage items are increasingly in the spotlight these days. It’s no longer just Grandma’s old lamp or Grandpa’s late WWI furniture, but a…
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Moroccan jewellery
The Fashion and International Popularity of Moroccan Jewlery
Indissociable with the Moroccan fashion, the Moroccan jewelry play a dominating role in the Moroccan woman; We distinguish two kinds of Jewels Berber jewelry The Berber jewelry is essentially made…
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Moroccan riad
Treasures of Moroccan decoration
As we had previously mentioned in our articles on Moroccan handicrafts and Moroccan tableware, there are many bridges between Morocco and France: a common past with colonization, Moroccan immigration to…
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Decorate with Moroccan Rug
Find the ideal Berber carpet to decorate your living room
Are you looking for a rug that is both designer and resistant and which brings a touch of originality and authenticity to your interior decoration? The Moroccan Berber carpet for…
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Moroccan fountains
How to choose a Moroccan zellige fountain?
What could be more magnificent than adding a touch of original decoration to your home, whether inside or outside! Fountains, contrary to what one might think, are accessible to all…
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moroccan light
The Moroccan lamp is an essential part of oriental decoration
To find an oriental atmosphere at home, you need a few decorative accessories. The Moroccan lamp is one of the things to have to feel transported in full Moroccan Riad.…
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moroccan pillows
How to decorate with Moroccan pillows
Moroccan pillows are excellent accessories to decorate your home. They are beautiful colours and patterns that add vibrancy to any room. They can transform your home from a dull, tired…
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simply moroccan berber carpet
Purchasing Moroccan Berber Carpet
Once you have chosen Berber carpet for your home, the next step is to go shopping for the carpet. It is important to purchase from a reputable established company. Find…
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Moroccan leather pouf
4 tips for choosing a leather berber pouffe
The Berber pouffe is undeniably a unique design piece that can add a modern and traditional touch to your home. Berber poufs come in many shapes and styles. An authentic…
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Moroccan berber rugs
How to install a Morocan berber carpet ?
The Berber carpet is a kitsch accessory that has lost its beauty with the nineties, you say? No! You are wrong if that is what you think. In fact, this…
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How to integrate a vintage rug into your decor?
Vintage rugs are both timeless and timeless. They are part of the major current decorating trends and find their places in housing. When it comes to interior design, it’s not…
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moroccan rug
Interior design : how to choose a Moroccan carpet ?
The carpet plays an important role in the overall decoration of a room. That is why it is important to choose it with the greatest care. THE DIMENSIONS OF THE…
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berber carpet
Discover the history and secrets of the Moroccan Berber carpet
The carpet is a beautiful element of decoration. It can be solid or multicolored, sober or rich in patterns. The choice is endless, if we consider the possible variations: material of manufacture,…
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berber carpet morocco
Moroccan Berber carpet: how to choose it?
Do you dream of a typically Moroccan interior decoration, and the desire to buy a Berber carpet has been tickling you for a while? These masterpieces often scare decorating enthusiasts, because you have…
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How to Care for a Wool Carpet
How to Care for a Wool Carpet
Do you want to change the look of your living room? If you do then the easiest way is to add carpet in your living area. And when it comes…
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berber carpets rug
Why you should use wool Moroccan carpets
When given a choice, most people will choose a wool rug for their floor. The rug can be wall to wall carpeting, an area rug, or a wool carpet runner.…
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how to clean wool carpet at home
How to clean wool carpet at home
When you have wool carpet, you will want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. To keep wool carpet looking new, you will want to keep it…
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What souvenirs buy from Morocco
Morocco is a country of craftsmanship. You will have no problem finding souvenirs from Moroccan crafts. Let’s start the list of souvenir ideas from Morocco. Food If you want to…
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The Story Behind our Authentic Moroccan Pottery
In the very early history of mankind, clay was used in order to make many useful objects for daily life. From the Neolithic era, the Berber made rustic pottery by…
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