Care for a Wool Carpet

How to Care for a Wool Carpet

Do you want to change the look of your living room? If you do then the easiest way is to add carpet in your living area. And when it comes to carpets your best choice is wool carpet. A beautiful wool carpet will add an aura to your living room and make it look wonderful. There is nothing as good as an intricately patterned wool carpet adorning your living room. Wool carpets, though more expensive than the synthetic carpets come with a host of benefits and their durability ensures that they are economical in the long run.

The wool carpet care begins after you purchase it. They are soil resistant and resilient which makes caring for them pretty easy. There are a few very important things that every wool carpet owner that needs to keep in mind. The following is a list of important things to know for wool carpet care:

  • Regular sweeping and vacuuming is necessary
  • Twice a year, getting it professionally clean will prevent soils and stains from getting imbedded.
  • Do not clean with hot water.
  • All chemicals are not created equal. There are special cleaning chemicals used to prevent harm to the wool carpet.

Need some help to take care of your wool carpet? Read more to get a few handy tips.

To ensure even wear you must rotate you wool carpet 180 degrees once every 6 months. If your wool carpet is in such a place that does not encounter heavy foot traffic rotating the carpet once a year will suffice. Make sure that you beat your wool carpet once a month. Do the beating outside. Hang your carpet on a clothesline and then beat it with a carpet beater. Beat several times on each side of the carpet. This will ensure that all the embedded dust and dirt is removed.

To remove the dirt from the surface of the wool carpet you will need to sweep it with a broom once every week. To ensure the best results sweep the carpet just before vacuum cleaning. Sweeping the carpet will also improve the sheen of the woolen fiber. To remove the fuzz that accumulates on the surface of wool carpets you will have to vacuum clean thrice a week at least. If you don’t remove the excess fuzz the woolen fiber will start to loosen. Make sure that the beater bar of your vacuum is at the highest setting when cleaning the carpet.

Once every six months you will have to steam clean your wool carpet. Use only water for this purpose because detergents can damage the wool fibers. You can either steam clean the carpet yourself or hire a professional for it. If you detect spills, blot it up with paper towels. Apply pressure to soak up the liquid. Never scrub it. Scrubbing will leave the fibers matted. To remove the stains and spots from wool carpets you will need to use dry carpet cleaning foam. Spray the foam on the spots and use your hands to work on them. Vacuum when the foam dries out completely. With those wool carpet care tips, wool carpet owners should be very happy with the life span of their carpet.

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