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Moroccan rug for sale

To provide the best quality products, our selection of Moroccan carpets and rugs is made by hand and selected from the artisans in Atlas Mountains. 

Check out our online website and choose the carpet that makes the ideal addition to any place of your house. From the living room to the play room, many colors and designs are available. Our carpets are woven from a very good quality, highly decorative textiles not only to impress your guests but also to make your home as comfortable as possible. The designs of our rugs aren’t random, the weavers follow traditional patterns. Our online shop provides distinctive styles for different areas of Atlas Mountains and for different Berber groups. Many types of rugs and carpet are available, with each beautifully crafted piece showing clearly where it was made through its unique designs, colors and patterns.

By choosing our Moroccan Berber carpets you grantee:

  • A modern, refined and eco-responsible Berber carpet for your interior decoration, 
  • Unique pieces exclusively woven by hand with natural wool, 
  • A big selection of styles and illustrations that presents the pure Berber tradition.

Give a Moroccan decorative touch to your interior with our selection of Moroccan carpets