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Moroccan Lanterns for sale

Choose our collection of Moroccan light fixture and incorporate some Moroccan design inspiration into your home. To style your spaces with gorgeous metal lamps, pendants, and chandeliers, Simply Moroccan makes sure to provide you with items that infuse your home with timeless style. 

Moroccan table lamps: 

Decorated with mesmerizing surface detail, our table lamps are the best pieces to add to your space. They are available in different sizes and different types of metal. And if you have a large space, we can customize you a table lamp that fits with your interior. We also have a collection of lamps that would be ideal to put on a bedside table or a sofa table in your bedroom. 

Moroccan floor lamps: 

Our floor lamps are handmade and designed with patterns of shadow and light projecting a gentle glow in your house. They add a unique visual touch and give off enough light to the floor. 

Moroccan wall pendants: 

Flush to the wall or suspended from a fixture, our metal pendants look perfectly normal and neutral while off. And while on, they are gently glowing and projecting its light up or down. A wall lamp from our collection can serve to focus attention on a specific aspect of your interior.