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  • Genuine handmade Leather Purse

  • Straw shopping bag

  • Straw shopping bag

  • Straw shopping bag

  • Beautiful beige Leather bag

    Beige Handmade leather bag

  • Vintage woven Kilim and leather drawstring bucket shoulder purse

  • Straw bag

  • Straw bag

  • fashion vintage shoulder bag

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    Beautiful Bohemian Leather Bag

  • Light tan chic Tote bag

  • Brown ladies leather bag

    BeautifulMoroccan Leather bag

  • 25%
    Leather crossbody with fringesLeather crossbody with fringes

    Limited design crossbody leather bag with fringes

    $90 $120
  • 21%
    Round Straw leather crossbody bagRound Straw leather crossbody bag

    Women Straw Summer Beach Bag

    $75 $95
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    Vintage kilim Leather bag

    Beautiful handmade Berber Leather Bag

  • 22%
    vintage Moroccan carpetvintage Moroccan carpet leather bag

    Vintage Moroccan carpet leather bag

    $90 $115
  • Pink leather fringe bag

    Pink Bohemian Gypsy leather Fringe bag

  • Orange leather tote bag with fringe

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    Beige Moroccan Leather bagMoroccan Bags & Wallets

    Authentic handmade Leather bag

  • 16%
    White leather pouf

    White Leather Pouf,footstool for living room

    $105 $125
  • 16%
    Brown leather Moroccan poufBrown leather Moroccan pouf

    Brown Moroccan ottoman leather pouf

    $105 $125
  • Black fringed leather bag

    Handmade black Moroccan fringe Leather bag

  • 11%
    Gold Leather Ottoman Pouf for Comfort and StyleGold Leather Ottoman Pouf for Comfort and Style

    Gold ottoman Leather pouf, Moroccan Footstool

    $120 $135
  • Moroccan brown leather bagMoroccan brown leather bag

    Beautiful handmade Moroccan Leather bag

  • Moroccan brown leather bag

    Light Brown leather tote bag

  • Leather big backpack

  • 17%
    Mustard Moroccan leather pouf

    Mustard Moroccan ottoman Leather Pouf

    $120 $145
  • Brow-coffee leather fringe bagBrow-coffee leather fringe bag

    Handmade Moroccan Leather Boho bag with fringes

  • Light Tan ottoman leather poufLight Tan ottoman leather pouf

    Light Tan Ottoman Leather Pouf

  • Moroccan-Square-leather-poufs


  • Green leather poufGreen leather pouf

    Green Leather Ottoman Pouf

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    Stunning Checkered Berber bag

    stunning Checkered Berber Leather bag


Moroccan Leather Goods
The Morocco leather products are 100% hand crafted and known as a high quality leather. They are made with natural products. We choose for you a large selection of Moroccan leather bags, wallets, purses, portfolios and poufs.

Using the same methods today that were used centuries before, the makers of Moroccan leather goods make sure that they select the best products to make those amazing items. The process of making Moroccan leather products takes time and as a result, they are beautifully soft and the colors as rich as anything in nature. The artisans follow these steps to create beautiful and unique pieces:

Step 1:Gathering the hides: cow, goat, sheep and camel are the types of leather that are used for tanning,
Step 2: Preparing the hides: to remove the hair, fat and skin attached from the arriving hides, the artisans soak them in the stone vats that contains a liquid mixture of pigeon lime, salt and water,
Step 3: Dyeing the skins: using natural dyes derived from poppies, saffron and henna, the artisans soak the skins in vats,
Step 4: Drying the leather is the last step of the process: the skins are dried naturally, they are hung in the sun to dry on the roof.

Available in many sizes and colors, the Moroccan Leather Goods are the best choice to make if you are looking for an amazing souvenir or gift from Morocco. You can find in our online store many different qualities of leather made with different types of skin. The prices are different, it depends on the type of leather, the quality of the work and the product itself.

Because your satisfaction is our priority, we make sure to select for our customers unique pieces with a better price.
Explore our selection of leather bags and poufs! 

What can you expect when you buy from us?

You deserve to buy from a company that you can trust. With us, you can expect: Quality,Professionalism, Enthusiasm & support all the way till your get your order.

If I order a Leather Goods now, when will it be delivered?

The delivery time of an order depends on the type of your product, if it is already in stock or if it is custom made . The most common delivery options are:

– 3 to 5 Days Delivery: Order can be delivered three days after placing an order if it is in stock

– Five Days Delivery or more: Order will likely arrive five days or more from the date of purchase, depending on the time it will take to be made.

What makes your Leather Goods unique?

For one thing, our Leather Goods are made from high quality materials. This not only ensures a durable product but also a protective product that will keep your valuables safe.
Another thing that makes our Leather Goods unique is the variety of sizes and shapes we offer.

What are the benefits of Moroccan handicrafts?

The benefits of Moroccan handicrafts are that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. They offer an opportunity for economic empowerment for rural women by employing them as designers and artisans. The beauty of these handicrafts is that they can be easily customized to suit any decor at home or office.