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Moroccan Leather Goods

The Morocco leather products are 100% hand crafted and known as a high quality leather. They are made with natural products. We choose for you a large selection of Moroccan leather bags, wallets, purses, portfolios and poufs.Moroccan brown leather bag

Using the same methods today that were used centuries before, the makers of Moroccan leather goods make sure that they select the best products to make those amazing items. The process of making Moroccan leather products takes time and as a result, they are beautifully soft and the colors as rich as anything in nature. The artisans follow these steps to create beautiful and unique pieces:

  • Step 1:Gathering the hides: cow, goat, sheep and camel are the types of leather that are used for tanning,
  • Step 2: Preparing the hides: to remove the hair, fat and skin attached from the arriving hides, the artisans soak them in the stone vats that contains a liquid mixture of pigeon lime, salt and water,
  • Step 3: Dyeing the skins: using natural dyes derived from poppies, saffron and henna, the artisans soak the skins in vats,
  • Step 4: Drying the leather is the last step of the process: the skins are dried naturally, they are hung in the sun to dry on the roof.

Available in many sizes and colors, the Moroccan Leather Goods are the best choice to make if you are looking for an amazing souvenir or gift from Morocco. You can find in our online store many different qualities of leather made with different types of skin. The prices are different, it depends on the type of leather, the quality of the work and the product itself.

Because your satisfaction is our priority, we make sure to select for our customers unique pieces with a better price.

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