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Undoubtedly, 2020 has brought with it several disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, amongst them, the inability to travel freely. Morocco’s main source of income is travelling. With no tourism taking place, this has obviously affected many jobs related to the industry, such as tour guides like myself and local artisans, whose income solely depends on tourism.

Fortunately, this situation has also brought with it new opportunities, mainly delving into other ways of making a living and finding other sources of income.

Throughout the years, I have built up very good relationships with many artisans in different cities of Morocco and believe me, their work is so unique that it deserves to be appreciated.

Based on the above, I have decided to create an online store ‘Simply Moroccan’ where a range of 100% Moroccan genuinely handmade products are showcased and made available for you to purchase. Tailor-made items can be produced as well.

This appears to me as a win-win situation for us all. You will be helping me make my own living through this new venture, artisans will be able to resume back to their activities and support their families, while you will be getting something that is Moroccan authentic, genuine and with great value.

Through your purchase, you will be contributing in keeping Morocco’s traditions and skills alive.

After saying all of the above, this project wouldn’t come to existence without this fabulous team.

Mohamed the force behind simply Moroccan, a tour guide for over 13 years. He grew up in a small Berber village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

After finishing his studies, he took a training to become a tour leader. That’s where we find him now showing people that are visiting Morocco the best the country has to offer. Especially being from a Berber background which refers to symbol of hospitality and ancient history and culture.

Mohamed decided to create this project cause of the pandemic that stopped him from working just like our team of Artisans.

Meet Hamid a young man from Marrakech who left school at an early stage as he wasn’t really into it and decided to join his father to learn making Brass & copper light fixture.

” I really like making things with hands so that was the perfect thing to do, especially that you can use your free imagination to make some beautiful light fixtures in different shapes and sizes” Hamid says.

Hamid was happy to join our team of Artisans and costume make your orders.


Meet Mohamed or Mr. Leather like his friends calls him, a man who spent over 30 years of his life wandering the streets of Marrakech to deliver leather goods to all the shops he works with and also to make his way to the Tannery to pick the hides for making leather goods.

After all these years now, you can give Mohamed any design or idea about what you want and he will turn it into reality.

Everyone who knows him will definitely talk about the quality of his work.

Mohamed invites anyone who is interested to visit his workshop and have a hands-on experience.

Meet Abdo, 41 years old, from Fes, he finished his secondary school and decided to join a Pottery cooperative to learn making pottery and make a living as his family wan in need of someone to financially support them.

After a few years learning the different stages of work, Abdo now is a master and he teaches other people how to make Pottery.

Abdo with other master are trying to keep the pottery activity alive to pass to the next generation.

Abdo is our contact in Fes and he can make anything starting from a small plate to a very complicated “zellige’ mosaic table.

Meet Fatima, an Amazigh “Berber” woman who grow up in the Middle Atlas Mountains in a farming family.
Fatima learned how to weave since she was 9 years old, making carpet was the most common activity for all Berber women as it was their way to socialize and meet other women, it is also their only window to express whatever they are feeling.
“Behind every carpet there is a woman’s story, Fatima says”
Fatima now is helping many women selling their carpet in fair price through her contacts.
Fatima is happy to introduce us to many women that are selling their carpets, and through her we will try to expand the market of these beautiful carpet worldwide.


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