Moroccan Garden Fountain

How to Install a Moroccan Garden Fountain

Among the essential ingredients for setting up a garden worthy of the most beautiful Moroccan riads, the fountain is undoubtedly a key element. It brings conviviality to your outdoor spaces and immediately characterizes the atmosphere you wish to create. Between relaxation and creativity, here are some recommendations for installing a Moroccan garden fountain.

Create a privileged atmosphere

If the choice of plants and furniture remains important, the location of your Moroccan fountain is just as important. With its colors, its volume or its water flowing noise, it constitutes a strong axis for your garden decoration that it animates in a discreet way. A fountain also offers a typical Moroccan freshness and conviviality, as much as it embellishes your garden. In order to personalize as much as possible these places of rest and contemplation, it is better to select the model best suited to your tastes and expectations.

The installation of a Moroccan style fountain is partly constrained by the future desired location. The technical constraints of the land therefore come into play. You have to know how to juggle with the topography of the place, the presence of water and sprinkler systems, the possibilities of electrical supply, and your budget. Depending on the complexity of the fountain model, the work can be more or less important. For example, a wall-mounted fountain is a more affordable option because it is less bulky.

Moroccan fountain: operating principle

A Moroccan garden fountain is equipped with a closed circuit water pump. The water in the pond is therefore continuously fed, initially requiring only a few liters of water. This parameter allows for substantial savings.

The electric pump is connected to the central electrical network of the house, either through a simple extension cable or through a hidden underground connection by burying the electrical cables. To avoid having to manage this type of electrical installation, you can opt for a model of Moroccan fountain on which the pump operates on solar energy with a rechargeable battery.

Two categories of Moroccan fountain

The Moroccan wall fountain is usually made of stone, covered with zelliges, an Arabic term meaning “small polished stone”. The latter are made of tesserae, pieces of colored tiles traditional to Moroccan architecture. Their geometrical assembly forms elegant arabesque drawings which wonderfully decorate the fountains. They are also found in bathrooms and hammams.

The central Moroccan fountain integrates a small basin, characterized by a single or double basin. In the center of the basin springs a jet of water. This model is usually made of stone or marble.
To estimate your budget, know that the first models cost about $700 . The more voluminous your Moroccan fountain will be and the more customizable its finishes, the more its price will increase.

In terms of installation, consider contacting reliable and competent professionals.

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