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The art of traditional Moroccan weaving

When we talk about art, we often think of painting, sculpture, music, cinema… If it is not part of the list of recognized artistic disciplines, the art of traditional Moroccan weaving is nevertheless one of a kind. Every day, in the heart of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Berber women combine their know-how with that of weaving looms, to design unique pieces, which have now become essential in the sphere of interior decoration: the Berber carpet. Today, we invite you to learn more about this ancestral art.

Moroccan Berber weaving: an ancestral art

The art of weaving in Morocco has been passed down from generation to generation since well before the 19th century. In the heart of this land of life and sun, Berber women design flat weaves and other traditional weaves every day. Unique pieces are thus created, according to their inspirations and desires. At Simply Moroccan, we suggest you acquire one of these creations, through hundreds of models in various colors and patterns.

Where are Moroccan Berber rugs woven?

It is in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, that we find Berber women and weavers, who make the reputation of Moroccan craftsmanship. Different tribes are settled on these lands and make unique and high quality traditional weavings. Beni Ouarain, Mrirt, Kilim, Boujad, Azilal… Each tribe has its own style of Moroccan weaving.

The different fruits of Moroccan weaving

Moroccan craftsmanship is particularly known for making Berber rugs, these floor rugs recognizable by their unique patterns and original colors. But the Moroccan carpet is not the only fruit of the work of Berber women.

The Moroccan Berber carpet

Flagship product of the weavers of the Middle Atlas, the Berber carpet has become an essential piece in interior decoration all over the world. The best known model is the off-white Berber rug with black geometric patterns. But as you can discover on our site, there are thousands of other styles of Moroccan rugs: colourful, ethnic, vintage… The particularity of Moroccan weaving? The rugs are very strong and durable. They also have very good thermal performance.

The Berber cushion

In line with the Moroccan carpet, the Berber cushion is a classic of Moroccan craftsmanship. It comes to sublimate your interior with very varied patterns, colorful or sober. Something to bring an ethnic touch and enhance the warmth of your home.

The Moroccan pouf

Another essential creation of Moroccan weaving: the pouf. This decorative accessory is both practical and pretty. It can be installed in any space of your interior: living room, child’s room, terrace… Each tribe of the Moroccan Atlas manufactures unique poufs in different styles and tones.

The Handira Blanket

Traditionally, the Berber Handira blanket is used at weddings and worn by the bride as a cape on the wedding day. However, its use has evolved and now it has become a decorative piece sought after all over the world. It perfectly embodies all the tradition and craftsmanship of Morocco. It can be used as a bedspread, plaid, or even a wall ornament.

Integrate Moroccan craftsmanship into your decor with Simply Moroccan

Do you want to bring a touch of authenticity to your interior, with unique pieces, designed according to the traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship? Bet on Moroccan weaving and its many creations. Install Berber rugs in your living rooms or bedrooms, decorate your sofa with Moroccan cushions, warm your interior with a Handira blanket…

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