Leather Poufs

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Moroccan Leather poufs for sale

Simply Moroccan selects for you a big list of exceptional Moroccan pouf ottomans that will bring to your interior a real touch of originality. Our beautiful Moroccan poufs are hand-woven, made from pure sheep wool and the colors are obtained from vegetable dyes. 

Our Moroccan poufs can be used in so many ways: 

  • As an extra seating: they are perfect if you want some extra seating but don’t want to take up a lot of space,  
  • As a foot rest: after a long day of work, you can relax by putting your feet up on the pouf of your choice, 
  • As a table: the Moroccan poufs make wonderful nightstands or end tables and they look much more unique than traditional tables.
  • As a cushion for sitting on the floor to enjoy your coffee, 
  • Or for animals: for your cat or dog to rest. 

You can also add one of our Moroccan poufs to your office, game room, or even give them out as gift. Either way, everyone is sure to rave about their beauty, function, and design. 

Ps: You can customize your Moroccan Pouf (color and size) by contacting us.