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Why you should use wool Moroccan carpets

When given a choice, most people will choose a wool rug for their floor. The rug can be wall to wall carpeting, an area rug, or a wool carpet runner. Though there are wool carpet rug blends, many people choose pure wool rugs. There are many advantages to using wool carpet rugs in a home with a few disadvantages. Many Moroccan wool rugs are handmade, which gives them unique designs.

Advantages Of Wool Carpet Rugs

One of the most notable advantages of wool is that it is flame resistant (not fireproof) without the addition of flame retardant chemicals. The advantages of wool carpet rugs include the following:

  • Durability of wool carpet rugs
  • Natural fibers
  • Wool carpets are stain resistant
  • Unique color of natural dyes
  • Wool rugs are easy to clean
  • Beautifully designed
  • Resilient

Wool can be stretched more than 35% and still return to its original shape. It is because natural wool actually has two different types of wool cells, the orthcortex and the paracortex. In the event that the wool carpet rug gets wet, it can absorb almost 1/3 its weight before it feels damp.

DisAdvantages Of Wool Carpet Rugs

There are a few disadvantages to wool carpet rug. Though there is a natural water repelling coating on the wool, when this has worn away or been removed, the wool rug will soak up liquids quickly. This could mean it will soak up liquids that can cause stains. The color will fade from the sun or chemicals faster than a synthetic rug. In addition, the wool rug may “shed”. Cost seems to be the biggest disadvantage to choosing a wool carpet. Due to wool carpet’s long lifespan and the ease of cleaning, the higher cost is worth it.

Affordable Wool Carpet Rugs

Carpeting a whole house may not be an option for some people due to the cost. Price comparison and a skilled carpet installer, who can use the least amount of carpet, can keep the costs down. Area wool carpet rugs are a good choice because it can make a wool carpet more affordable. There is more flexibility with a wool rug also. It can be moved around a room, change rooms, and if the owner moves, it can be taken with him or her. If you don’t need runners or other matching wool carpet rugs, you can buy discontinued wool rugs. Otherwise, you might want to buy an established brand and design because you will be able to buy wool carpet runners, door mats, small rugs and more in the future.

Once you start looking into carpet options, you will see that the advantages of having a wool carpet outweigh the disadvantages and it can actually be cost effective over time.

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