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Moroccan Fountains

As an interior design, Zellige tiles with intricate shapes are lining the walls and floors of every house in Moroccan old Medinas (old cities). Water and wall fountains are an essential element of Moroccan architecture. In our online store, you can find the best Moroccan traditional products. Moroccan mosaic fountains are available as traditional objects or used in innovative creations.

Moroccan Fountains

To make these unique pieces, a various and multiple materials are finely worked by hand using machines and traditional tools. The Moroccan artisans create a large number of fountains from Moroccan Zellij mosaic tiles.

To fulfill all our customers’ needs, the shapes and colors used of our Moroccan water fountains vary from region to region in Morocco. We bring you blue patterns from Fez, yellows from Safi and greens from Meknes. We search deeply to select a unique and multicolored wall fountains and tile water fountains.

All our products are hand-painted ceramics that come in all shapes and forms, colors and sizes. They are the perfect object to add a touch of authenticity to your house decoration.

From table art, mosaic fountains, wall fountains, to jewellery and clothing, Simply Moroccan select for you a large collection of decorative daily objects.

Morocco: a land of unique crafts and art!