Handmade Moroccan Leather Boho bag with fringes


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Additional Informations

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Request more information today!

Request more information today!

You can customize your bag


    Why buy from us

    Why buy from us

    Supporting local economy

    When you buy from Moroccan Artisan you are buying very locally. Buyers can directly support Artisans  & you know where the money is going, it’s nice to know you are making a difference.

    Unique handcrafted products

    Whatever category of Artisan product you buy it will be unique and handcrafted, this is the opposite to mass-produced products. Think farmers’ market rather than a supermarket as just one example.

    Artisan handcrafted products are made to last. They are made with top-quality materials and ingredients. As each item is handmade it will be unique, no two items will be exactly the same. For some products, buyers can speak to Artisans and request customisations, personalisation and alterations to their exact specifications.

    An emphasis on quality

    Buying Artisan is an investment in quality. An Artisan creates a product with love, not because it’s their job. Artisans have attention to detail, value the hand making process end-to-end and work hard to deliver a stunning product to the customer.

    Artisans products are not necessarily low-cost (as they use high-quality ingredients and take time to make). Artisan product quality is important therefore, as Artisans know they need to deliver excellence on quality to compete versus online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. A part of quality is respecting tradition, which we discuss next.

    Keeping traditional skills and crafts alive

    Buying from an Artisan helps to keep traditional skills and crafts alive. Rather than using assembly lines and machines, Artisan products are handmade. Buy Artisan and help to keep traditional skills alive (examples include embroidering, glass artistry, pottery making, silversmithing, weaving, etc. to name a few).

    As one example, a food Artisan would make food to a traditional recipe and would avoid using modern-day ingredients which have artificial sweeteners, colourings, preservatives, thickening agents and other chemicals.

    More meaningful purchases & gifts

    Handmade products mean it is made by hand and not by machine. Every piece is put together with care and thought. We labour over every part to ensure the final product is something we are proud of. Handmade goods may be more expensive, but you are paying for hours of hard work and ethically sourced materials.


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    A beautiful leather tote bag is not only a perfect accessory for bridesmaids, but also a good gift idea.

    The fringe brown leather tote bag is made in of 100% handcrafted soft supple leather. It has two compartments in the interior, and can be carried as a shoulder bag or a weekender bag.
    The fringe brown leather tote is a beautiful bag and it can be used as a bridesmaid tote bag or as a gift for her on special occasions.

    The brown leather tote has two compartments with zipper closures for securing personal items, which include your iPad and laptop. The vegan leather material makes it more environmental-friendly and the brown color compliments any style of clothing you wear.

    If you’re looking for a wedding gift or a present for a bride, look no further. The fringe brown leather boho bag is a beautiful bridesmaid tote bag that can be used as the perfect gift.

    The fringe brown leather tote bag is the perfect choice for bridesmaids and wedding guests.

    Interior features – one large open pocket , fits up your phone
    Interior features – one large zipper pocket.

    Bag size
    Width 14” Height 12” Base 12”