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Azilal Moroccan area rug

200×300 cm


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    We love Moroccan rugs because of their intricacy and diversity. They are so intricate that each rug has a unique pattern. They were made by weaving wool, cotton, silk, or a combination of these materials. Weavers used to work for about two months to finish one rug so they were generally reserved for the rich and powerful.

    There is no doubting the beauty of these rugs and even though they are expensive we still buy them because they last a long time and we know we’ll love them for years to come.

    The Process of Creating a Traditional Moroccan Rug

    Traditionally, the process of creating a Moroccan rug starts with hand-spun wool. From there, the wool is woven by hand onto a straw mat. The mat is then mounted onto a loom and the weaver begins to weave the rug into its final form. A commissioned weaver can create an average of 15 rugs per year.

    The Moroccan carpet is woven in a way that can only be done by hand. The only tool used in the process is a needle. Traditionally, each design element of the carpet is done in one color and then the next color picked up starts with a new motif.

    The meaning of the signs in a Berber carpet is symbolic of an ancient culture with a rich history. The symbols in the carpets are one way the Berber people used to record their history and they often signify stories that were passed down through oral tradition. The symbols are not created by chance; they are intentionally placed with meaning and purpose.

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    Care instructions

    Common sense will take you a long way when it comes to keeping your carpet gorgeous and clean. Follow these simple tips:

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    • Take care of spills as they happen It’s best to take care of spills as quickly as possible. Don’t let liquids or dirt dry up and set in. The quicker you act, the easier the stain can be removed. Follow the stain and spill removal guidelines below.