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Look at our on-line web site and judge the Hanbel rug that makes the best addition to anywhere of your dwelling. From your living room area on the engage in place, several shades and fashoins can be purchased. Our Hanbel rug are weaved from a really good good quality, highly decorative textiles not just to impress your guests but additionally to create your house as cozy as you possibly can. The designs of our carpets aren’t unique, the weavers comply with standard habits. Our web store offers special variations for different areas of Atlas Hills and for diverse Berber groupings. Many types of carpet and rugs are offered, with each attractively designed item showing plainly in which it absolutely was produced via its exclusive styles, patterns and colors.

By deciding on our Moroccan Hanbel rug you grantee:

  • A modern, refined and eco-sensible Berber rug to your interior adornment,
  • Special pieces especially weaved by hand with all-natural wool,
  • A big selection of styles and illustrations that features the pure Berber traditions.

Offer a Moroccan elaborate effect for your indoor with our collection of Moroccan Hanbel rug.