How to integrate a vintage rug into your decor?

Vintage rugs are both timeless and timeless. They are part of the major current decorating trends and find their places in housing. When it comes to interior design, it’s not the pattern of the vintage rug that matters, but above all the overall look it provides. Combined with ultramodern elements, the vintage carpet admits a unique and refined decoration. The use of vintage makes it possible to give originality to your style. Vintage also brings authenticity and charm to your interior.


Vintage embraces all the decorative elements and furniture that date from the 1950s to the 1970s. It is not about reclaiming what is old and reusing it. The art of interior decoration is based on the choice of objects and subtlety. Vintage is often attached to what is natural.

Today, healthy and noble materials are in great demand. It is better to reuse, recycle, find antiques, rather than rushing to a discount home decor store. To bring out the vintage side of a decoration, the trick is to be sober and avoid accumulation.

A vintage rug will emphasize the existing curves or even break the monotony in a modern apartment. You can opt for teak, rosewood, weathered wood or rattan. You can also be inspired by Mediterranean flourishes, according to the Berber or Marrakech philosophy. We match, we mismatch, but above all, we operate with small, subtle touches.


To avoid overloading the field of vision and space, stick to neutral tones. It is also possible to reinforce your decoration with small pieces of color. This is where the mats come into play.

Tapestries and rugs warm the space with their materials and colors. It is advisable to choose your rugs with care, because they will determine your decoration and give it all its importance. These accessories will segment places, invent atmospheres and mark your living spaces.

Whether you have a small house or a large apartment, rugs help dissociate atmospheres. So, don’t hesitate to use modern decor elements with a vintage element to create spaces.

You can decorate your apartment with gray or taupe walls with dark wood. You can also add colorful and warm accessories such as a vintage Persian, Moroccan, Berber style rug


Nothing compares to a carpet for warming up an atmosphere. In order to stay in the vintage theme, the Boucherouite rug is a must. Crafted from recycled materials, this vintage upholstery features a neat look and downright graphic designs. With the Boucherouite rug, you are guaranteed a vintage and warm atmosphere.

The vintage patchwork rug keeps you in the theme. This coating offers an avant-garde and colorful style, generally in blue, orange and red tones. This type of carpet is also organized in a geometric structure. The very fifties-seventies abstract makes your interior cozy.

There are also other options such as the Kilim rug or the multicolored Berber rug. Unlike Patchwork and Boucherouite, the strands of wool are embroidered, but not tied to the covering. Ethnic inspiration and geometric shapes in warm hues, from ocher to red, this vintage rug is suitable for hanging.

To integrate a vintage rug into your decor, you need to work on your shapes, your colors and give your rooms unity. In order to look relaxed, the vintage vibe needs to be organized and thoughtful. You have to think about wood, wool, geometry and faded colors.

Before decorating, define your moods and create spaces. Recycle, recover and watch the results. When it comes to decoration, the cozy decor that a vintage interior exudes is unparalleled, that’s where all the interest lies.


In terms of interior decoration, the vintage carpet presents a wide range of possibilities. In order to properly integrate a vintage rug into your decor, it is important to know the essentials of this covering. It is important to know which decorative objects and furniture to use to create an atmosphere to your liking at home.

Very large, small, shimmering, discreet, variegated or sober, the vintage rug is the first element to consider to create an atmosphere to your taste. For an authentic decoration, this type of coating is suggested.

A floor dressed in a vintage carpet transports your room (bedroom or living room) in a warm atmosphere. The carpet is the center of the decor.

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