Moroccan berber rugs

How to install a Morocan berber carpet ?

The Berber carpet is a kitsch accessory that has lost its beauty with the nineties, you say? No! You are wrong if that is what you think. In fact, this accessory has never gone out of fashion. It has even become a must-have in interior design and decoration for the last 10 years. Want to know why the Berber carpet is so popular? Discover it in this article.

The berber carpet: a multifunctional decoration accessory

If the Berber carpet is back in force in the interior design, it is not by pure chance. This accessory is intended to assume several functions in the house. First, it is very popular for the development of the living room. To highlight the furniture in this room, prefer a two-tone carpet, preferably in natural wool and with several patterns embedded. A Berber carpet that combines black and brown will not fail to add character to the living room.
Remember that Berber rugs were woven to serve as blankets in the tents of the Berber peoples of Morocco. They were used to keep the heat inside when the outside temperature starts to drop.

How to install a berber carpet ?

Be careful that the carpet is not oversized. In theory, this accessory must be less imposing than the sofa. And if the model you ordered is too large, it is possible to hide the edges by placing the chairs on top.
Multifunctional, the Berber carpet is not only a living room carpet. It can decorate an office, a dining room, a hallway and a bedroom. This rug made entirely of wool will easily fit into any interior.
In a bedroom, it would be ideal to install it in a hotel room style. In other words, you need to put a part under the bed, making sure that a piece of the rug protrudes on the sides. As for the desk, the principle is the same, but it should be placed directly under the secretary.

A wide choice of colors and design

There is not one, but several styles of Berber carpet. This ornament for the house seduces enormously by its colors both bucolic and shimmering. But beware! The style of a carpet must depend on the style of the room where it is intended. For a room with a Haussmannian atmosphere, a Berber carpet with a modern look is recommended. As for the color, trust your instincts, or simply choose your favorite colors while making sure that they match your room perfectly. For the corridors, prefer light colors to give an impression of space.

The berber carpet: an eco-friendly accessory

The Berber carpet is an accessory made entirely by hand in the mountainous regions of the Moroccan Middle Atlas. For the weaving of these ethnic carpets, the craftsmen use mainly wool, nylon and triexta. These materials are favored because not only are they available in large quantities, but they also reject liquids. When finished, the rug is very soft to the touch. While some Moroccan rugs include only wool, others combine both or even all three materials.

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