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How to choose a leather backpack for women?

A woman generally likes to take her bag with her everywhere. An essential accessory, it comes in many forms: tote bag, clutch bag, satchel, etc. For a dynamic city woman, the backpack is an excellent choice. It allows you to move around easily, as it is very practical. As for leather, it is a noble and natural material that has many advantages: elegance, resistance and durability. How to choose a leather backpack for women? Simply Moroccan reveals 3 tips!

Opt for a leather backpack adapted to the female body type

A backpack is a real companion that must fit the wearer perfectly. This is why the dimensions and weight of this accessory are criteria to be taken into account in priority. For everyday use, choose a light leather model. As for its dimensions, they should ideally allow you to carry the items you need every day. A protected compartment for files and a computer is very useful for professional use. You should also choose a waterproof material to protect your belongings from humidity. The leather used by Simply Moroccan is water-resistant, so you can store your belongings in it with complete peace of mind. However, it is important to take care of the material by regularly applying a nourishing beeswax-based lotion.

The comfort of your backpack should be optimal. This is essential if you are walking long distances or cycling. Choose a model with adjustable straps to fit your body. They should be wide enough to ensure a good fit. A well-positioned bag fits as close to your back as possible, without riding on your buttocks or pulling on your shoulders. A top carrying handle is also important for easy drop-off and pick-up. In short: a practical and comfortable model is ideal for accompanying you to work and other activities on a daily basis!

Recognise a quality leather backpack for women

Quality is the key word at Simply Moroccan! Beautiful leather develops a patina over time and thus takes on an incomparable character. Look at the material of your bag to check its quality: a beautiful leather naturally reflects the light. Take care to examine the sturdiness of the hardware: buckles, fasteners and metal inserts. Make sure the finish is clean, especially the seams and any lining. Certain details make all the difference on exceptional leather goods. Simply Moroccan adorns some of its bags with the brand’s signature buckles to give them a unique character.

If you want to choose a durable accessory, think about asking about its manufacturing conditions. A handcrafted product made in Morocco generally ensures a good longevity. All Simply Moroccan leather bags are made in Marrakech, in family-run workshops with historic know-how. A real saddler-maroquinier designs his creations with finesse and precision for great durability. The result? A top-of-the-range product that becomes more beautiful over time. A quality object lasts for a long time while bringing more satisfaction to the person who wears it. If you want to keep your bag for many years, it is better to choose a timeless model rather than succumb to the effects of fashion. A simple and elegant style will last through the ages without difficulty!

Finding the right shade for a women’s leather backpack

Your leather backpack is your everyday companion. So choose a colour that is easy to match with your wardrobe. Some colours are timeless: chocolate, honey or black. Other colours such as red or fir green will bring more fantasy to your outfit, but may be more difficult to match. Go through your wardrobe to find a bag that easily matches your clothes. A tip? You can’t go wrong with camel, as it goes well with many colours without being bland. This colour also has the advantage of bringing a touch of light to your outfits! Similarly, a chocolate bag can easily be combined with many colours: mustard, ochre, rust, beige, etc. As for black, it is a classic whose elegance is undeniable.

A vegetable-tanned bag reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing. Unlike the extremely polluting chrome technique, this ancient method allows the leather to be coloured naturally. It is therefore an ecological alternative for pigmenting the material. The hide is tanned using bark, leaves, roots or sap. This process is healthy as it does not require any chemical substances and is not harmful to health. The colours obtained are also deeper and more nuanced. As a guarantee of quality, Simply Moroccan uses this transformation process for all its products.

How to choose a leather backpack for women in brief?

In order to choose your leather backpack for women, remember to check these 3 criteria: dimensions adapted to your morphology, quality materials and a colour in accordance with your wardrobe. By applying these tips, one thing is sure: your backpack will never leave you! Discover the new leather goods item created by Simply Moroccan: the Marguerite leather backpack for women. Made in Morocco by craftsmen with recognized know-how, this model has all the assets to accompany you in your adventures. Little extra: it can even be personalised with a text hidden inside, such as a name or a quote!

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