What souvenirs buy from Morocco

Morocco is a country of craftsmanship. You will have no problem finding souvenirs from Moroccan crafts. Let’s start the list of souvenir ideas from Morocco.


If you want to bring back memories of Morocco that are consumed, the first memory that will please many people: oriental pastries. 

Moroccan cakes are popular with many. Among my favorites, try the chebakia, a cake covered with honey and sesame seeds, the gazelle horns (made from almonds, you can also find the gazelle horns recipe on my travel blog) or the almond briouates or peanuts. 

Souvenir from Morocco: spices

You will also find many spices in Morocco although most of them do not necessarily come from Morocco, the prices are very attractive.

In some regions of Morocco, you can also buy saffron directly from the producer. Remember that saffron is the most expensive spice;)


Leather is one of the materials widely used in Moroccan craftsmanship. You will find many souvenirs from Morocco made of leather.

The traditional and famous babouche. You will find slippers of all colors. Give preference to hand-sewn slippers rather than glued slippers. Also, you will find many accessories such as handbag, wallet, purse,… These products are 100% leather and handcrafted.


This category will inevitably be non-exhaustive as Moroccan craftsmanship can be varied in the field of interior decoration.

You can bring back many souvenirs from Morocco to decorate your interior such as:

Candleholders in wax or wrought iron and leather

Wrought iron and leather lamp

Wrought iron lantern

Decorative element in tadelakt (material used for hammam)

Table or other in zellige

Tagine dishes (pay attention to the price, maximum of around 60 DH for the large format with decoration)

Beauty Products

Many beauty products exist in Morocco and can make great memories especially for women.

Among these products for the body, argan oil. The argan tree is an endemic plant in Morocco recognized for its virtues for the skin but also for these nutritional virtues. You will find many argan oil factories in southwestern Morocco.

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