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Purchasing Moroccan Berber Carpet

Once you have chosen Berber carpet for your home, the next step is to go shopping for the carpet. It is important to purchase from a reputable established company. Find out if Berber carpet tiles will work for you or if you need the traditional roll of carpet for the room you chose to lay Berber carpet in. You will want to know which carpet pad is best for Berber carpets. Decide on your budget for flooring. Take a little time and you will be enjoying your Berber carpet for years to come.

Find a reputable company to purchase your Berber carpet:

  • Word of mouth-ask friends, family members, and acquaintances.
  • Research-check with the local Better Business Bureau, carpet installers, etc.
  • Find out how long they have been in business-a new company may try harder, but they may not have the resources or still be in business down the road if you have any problems with your Berber carpet.

If anything goes wrong, you want a company you can count on to stand behind their product. The company should have a policy to fix any problems as well as be familiar with the warranty of the Berber carpet manufacturer. Check if the policies and warranties include uninstalling and reinstalling the Berber carpet or just replacement of the defective carpet.

Berber Carpet Tile

Berber carpet tiles are a way to make Berber carpet affordable because you can install them yourself and there isn’t the additional cost of padding. When choosing Berber carpet tiles, be sure to read the installation directions and decide if you will be able to follow them. Having extra adhesive on hand (check with carpet manufacturer for recommended type of adhesive) will be helpful to reapply on areas where the adhesive on the tiles might not stick properly due to debris accidentally sticking to it. It’s also good to have carpet adhesive on hand to immediately use when a piece of Berber carpet tile corner loosens.

Its areas where there may be heavy items such as shelving being moved regularly across the carpet, Berber carpet tiles might not be the best choice. If the carpet will be used, where there is a high risk of spills and stains, carpet tiles are a good choice, because it’s easy to replace just the stained tiles. Ordering extra tiles for replacement in case there are stains or damage is always a good idea.

Berber Carpet Padding

Be familiar with the warranty of the Berber carpet that you choose. Some manufacturers will not honor a warranty if you do not use the recommended padding. It’s for good reason because your Berber carpet padding choice is as important as choosing what Berber carpet to purchase if you want your carpet to look and feel good for the maximum length of time. The bigger the loop of fiber of your Berber carpet choice, the firmer the padding should be. A cheap carpet pad that falls apart under a quality carpet will affect the look of the carpet.

Berber Carpet Price

In preparing for your purchase, you will need to compare Berber carpet prices, carpet pad prices, and installation prices. It’s worth the extra money to have some scrap carpet and pad available to repair any damage in the future. When you total everything up, can you still fit the purchase in your budget or are you tempted to cut corners with quality? If it doesn’t fit in your budget it is best to wait until it will, you’ve gone this long without new Berber carpet, what’s a few more months to save the additional money to do it right. If you really can’t wait (there’s a special occasion coming up or carpet is in too bad shape), choose a more affordable carpet weave instead of Moroccan Rug. It won’t be worth cutting corners in the long run to stick with your first choice-Berber carpet.

Take your time purchasing your Berber carpet and you will not spend time regretting your decision to choose Berber carpet. It’s time well spent.

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