White Moroccan Sabra Cactus pillow

Moroccan decor can be a great way to add a sense of character and charm to your living space. Get one of our Moroccan SABRA CACTUS SILK PILLOW to create a visual aura and brighten up your rooms. With their authentic color and design, Moroccan cushions will make your space feel unique and special.


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Our Handmade Moroccan Cactus Silk Pillows are Made from Vintage Handwoven Moroccan Sabra Rugs. Each Pillow Cover is One of a Kind, and Adds a Little Boho Charm to Any Space.

There are many stories about the origin of Sabra which is the material used for making this kind of Moroccan Berber rugs & pillows.

One of those stories is that they are made from sabra silk, a natural fiber from the aloe vera cactus plant. The fiber from the plant are woven and dyed into different colors.

The other story is that Sabra is a rayon fiber that is imported from different countries and that Moroccan artisans uses to weave some of the most beautiful Moroccan carpets with.

Beside where the Sabra is coming from Sabra products are incredibly popular because they embody the imagination of what people perceive Morocco to be.

The Sabra Moroccan Berber pillows are not very heavy and has a shiny color on them, that is why they have a big customer base and that they are sold easily.

These beautiful Berber pillows comes in different sizes and colors and will definitely add a nice touch to you home décor.

  • Please note that we have many pillows of the same color, but motifs on each pillow is different thanks to the unique design on each rug.
  • Please note: There are imperfections from the hand-dying process (small blotches, bleeding etc). This adds to the character and charm of the pillow cover.
  • The material is hand-dyed, and stitched, each pillow is individual. The colors and patterns will vary with each unique cushion.
  • CARE Instructions : Dry clean only & avoid contact with water or others liquids.

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