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Mosaic or Zelige is a style of mosaic tile work made from individually chiseled pieces of tile set in a plaster base and we place them in an iron environment. The pieces of different colors and mounted together to form elaborate geometric patterns, such as animals, foliage, and people. The artwork is typically used in the interior design for public spaces like homes, plazas and churches.

Place a soothing fountain in your home, office, or gardens. The mosaics are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Morocco and made from natural materials. You’ll feel the calming sensation of water flowing for many years to come.

Mosaic Fountains are a unique and beautiful addition to any home. These handcrafted mosaics are made from natural materials and can be customized to fit your needs. You’ll feel the soothing sensation of the water as it flows over the mosaic tiles, creating a tranquil sound that’s perfect for reading, meditation, or simply relaxing after a long day.
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This amazing mosaic table it can be rectangular, square, oval, round, unique design as you wish …
The table works for indoor or balcony and terrace, hotels, restaurant, bar, cafe, garden, bedroom …
Mosaic tiles are easy to clean and insensitive to water

–> How we produce our tables?

First step is to get the raw materiel which is the clay.
The large pieces of clay are left to dry for 20 days. When it is dry, we use a big hummer to break it into small pieces, then we let it dry again for a whole day before putting it in water for two days.
Then we are in the cleaning stage, a team that works to clean the clay of unwanted stones and other materials. This type of activity exists only in the city of Fez, because it has a close relationship with the sun.
Afterwards, we place the clay in the form of slabs in the oven for 8 hours at 2000°C. The next step is to paint the products in the colors of the fortunes, dining tables and walls.
After this step, we paint the products with natural based colors that come from natural resources. The brushes used are made of horse hair. They use different colors like blue, red, black…
When they finish, they coat them with a material that makes the products shiny so that they can be put back in the oven for 8 hours to cook the burnt wood, then the products can be used for our daily use. They can be used with cold or hot water, the paint is durable.
As for the zellige, after the first firing and the second with paint, it is given to ”Nekkach” who decides the type of pattern to use depending on where the zellige will be placed. He spreads them by turning them over in a geometric pattern based on ancient references such as Qaraouiyn, the king’s palaces.
Then we use a material called “resin” or “cola sima” and we let them dry. After that, we turn them forward to see the design of the Zellige.

Fill the tank with a liter of water, plug in the electrical outlet, and you are embarked on the Arab-Andalusian atmospheres!


Height 61 cm W 36 cm D 20 cm

Pouches / inches:
24″ x 15″ x 8.9″

Weight: 20 Kg


‘ Custom Sizes on Demand ‘ please contact us’

–> Color:
you can customize the colors you want, just contact us

–> Shipping Time :

We use express shipping for our items, it takes 4/8 days to reach the destination