Moroccan handmade Burgundy and Tan Mosaic Fountain

  • 26ʺW × 12ʺD × 43ʺH


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Morocco is renowned not only for its delicious food and the hospitality of its people, but also for its zellige, high quality and unique in the world. The zellige fountain, also called the Moorish fountain, is a magnificent artisanal creation. It is perfect for decorating the interior and exterior of your home.

The Moroccan zellige fountain has only advantages! It allows you to refresh the decoration, neutralize certain noise pollution and add a very original touch of decoration to your home. Its Moroccan zellige coating gives it a superb touch of exoticism.

Zellige fountains, widespread in Morocco and Andalusia, are on the rise in France. These fountains are delivered in one piece. They are lighter than classic fountains. In addition, some models are easy to transport with casters.

Each fountain is unique. It is the result of meticulous work carried out by professional and experienced craftsmen. The design of the Moroccan zellige fountains is inspired by Hispano-Moorish art resulting from a cross between the culture of the Maghreb and the Western culture of the Iberian peninsula. These fountains stand out from all the others by their original geometric patterns and the splendor of their colors.


  • 26ʺW × 12ʺD × 43ʺH