Beautiful handmade Hanbel berber rug

306 x 197cm


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  • Take care of spills as they happen It is best to take care of spills as quickly as possible. Don’t let liquids or dirt dry up and set in. The quicker you act, the easier the stain can be removed. Follow the stain and spill removal guidelines below.

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“The Hanbel carpet, designated as Berber Kilim or Moroccan Kilim is an ancient and refined Berber carpet. Its manufacture in Morocco began around the 17th – 18th century, in the region of Rabat, especially in Salé in the North East of Rabat, in the Middle Atlas and in the center of Morocco.

Made as a wall hanging since less thick and lighter than other Berber carpets, the Hanbel carpet is however used in different ways depending on the regions and tribes. From the decoration to the cover, the Berber Hanbel carpet is a carpet with multiple functions of an exceptional quality. Set of fabrics mixed with wool and decorated with embroideries, the Hanbel carpet was primarily considered as a decorative object arranged vertically and adorning the walls as a tapestry. But according to the circumstances, the Berber Hanbel carpet was little by little used as cover and as floor carpet.

Made with pure wool or cotton of high quality, the Berber Kilim is a firm, solid and light carpet. The fabrics used are resistant and the wool is cut very short, which makes the Hanbel carpet quite compact and light, unlike Berber carpets made of 100% thick sheep’s wool and therefore heavier.

Inspired by the weaving techniques of the kilims carpets of the Orient and influenced by the art of the neighboring countries of the Mediterranean and Asia, Berber women weave the Hanbel carpet flat but sometimes use a mixed technique revealing alternating knotted parts of flat woven parts. The use of the Berber knot specific only to the Moroccan Berber tribes by the women of the communities of the Middle Atlas make this Berber carpet even more singular. The very tight knots of the Hanbel carpet bring finesse and solidity to the final piece. This Berber carpet pleases by this peculiarity of weaving – knotting specific to the tribes of Northern and Central Morocco and amazes by the perfection and cleanliness of its final composition. In addition to the weaving and knotting, the Berber Kilim can also be recognized by the addition of embroidery often in relief, these are the most precious Hanbel carpets.

The Kilim carpet, an incredible mix!
The incredible mix of colors: blue, red, orange, yellow, black or white are rigorously distributed and harmoniously associated with the Berber designs, lines, stripes and lengths. The Berber artistic expression and the precision of the composition of the Hanbel carpet raises the rich creativity of the Berber weavers.

The firmness, regularity and mixed and diverse finishes such as the addition of embroidery or the presence of bangs on two or four sides make the charm of the Hanbel carpet. Thanks to the union of traditional Berber craftsmanship and oriental inspiration of the patterns and the relatively modern overall design, the Hanbel carpet is suitable for both vintage and contemporary decoration.

The traditional Berber Hanbel carpet, fitting in with all styles, will sublimate your interior and decorate your walls, your floor or your ceiling! All Passion Berber kilim carpets are unique and authentic!”