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    White leather pouf

    White Leather Pouf,footstool for living room

    $105 $125
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    Gold Leather Ottoman Pouf for Comfort and StyleGold Leather Ottoman Pouf for Comfort and Style

    Gold ottoman Leather pouf, Moroccan Footstool

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    Mustard Moroccan leather pouf

    Mustard Moroccan ottoman Leather Pouf

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  • Blue Moroccan ottoman Leather Pouf

  • Turquoise ottoman-Leather-Pouf-3-

    Turquoise ottoman-Leather-Pouf

  • Black & white leather pouf

    Black & white Moroccan ottoman Leather Pouf

  • Deep-red leather poufDeep-red Moroccan leather pouf

    Deep-red Moroccan ottoman Leather Pouf

  • Yellow Moroccan PoufYellow Moroccan Pouf

    Yellow Moroccan Leather Pouf


Moroccan Footstool

Simply Moroccan chooses for you personally a major set of excellent Moroccan Footstool that may bring to your inside a true effect of individuality. Our wonderful Moroccan poufs are palm-woven, made out of pure sheep wool as well as the shades are extracted from plant dyes.

Our Moroccan poufs may be used in a lot of approaches:

For an additional seats: If you want some extra seating but don’t want to take up a lot of space, they are perfect,

  • As a ft . sleep: right after a extended working day of labor, you are able to loosen up by placing your toes up on the pouf of your choosing,
  • As a desk: the Moroccan Footstool make wonderful nightstands or conclusion dining tables and they appearance a lot more unique than standard desks.
  • As a cushion for sitting on the floor to enjoy your coffee,
  • Or creatures: for your kitty or dog to relax.

You can also put one of our Moroccan Footstool to your place of work, video game area, as well as allow them to have out as gift idea. In any event, every person is certain to positive regarding their beauty, function, and design.

Ps: You are able to customize your Moroccan Pouf (color and size) by getting in contact with us.