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Moroccan Azilal rugs

The Azilal rug is a Moroccan masterpiece. Handwoven by artisans from Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, each rug has its own unique story to tell. We’ve put together an overview of just some of the many reasons why the Azilal rug is one of our most popular products for our online shop, and why it’s worth your attention and consideration if you’re in the market for a new piece of home decor.

  1. Moroccan rugs are in high demand 2.
  2. The Azilal rug is a unique masterpiece
  3. Shop for rugs to help your home decor Conclusion: Moroccan rugs are unique and beautiful pieces of art, and the Azilal rug is no exception.

Our genuine Azilal rug is a Turkish-style Oriental rug with all the vibrance and energy of true Moroccan art. Its vibrant colors and intricate patterns are woven by hand into a beautiful design that encompasses the grandeur of Morocco. The strong geometric shapes and brilliant colors of this rug make it a showstopper in any space, from your living room to your bedroom to your entryway – or even outdoors on a front porch or patio. A unique addition to any decor, this piece will only become more exquisite with time.

I always find it amazing that such bright, spontaneous and colourful rugs as those from Azilal in the High Atlas mountains are such a contrast to the arid land which prevails. Most Berber villages have their mosque which is carefully attended and brightly painted in contrast to the earthy tones of their dwellings.

Azilal Rugs

The Azilal Region lies in the High Atlas Mountains to the north east of Marrakech. The main town is a gathering point for rugs of the many small Berber tribes who inhabit the region. Many of the pieces are woven in shades of undyed white, cream or ivory. Some have additions of colour in the design.