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Moroccan Pillows & Cushions 

Morocco is known for its vibrant and colorful style in all facets of life. The rugs, leather poufs and bags, lamps, pillows, traditional clothing, pottery and jewellery, our Moroccan online store has it all.

Moroccan Pillows & Cushions

Sourced from talented master artisans, our selection of Moroccan pillows and cushions are handmade and represent the traditional Moroccan culture. For example, Moroccan Berber pillows hold details and glimpses from the Amazigh style. These items are made by the artist’s hand in rare masterpieces. Because our products are handmade, each item varies slightly in size and appearance which contributes uniqueness to the charm of our handmade pillows and cushions. These are the types of Moroccan pillows and cushions:

Moroccan throw pillows and cushions:  

One of the handwoven home textiles, the Moroccan throw pillows and cushions have a huge moment in home décor. They are used on sofas or beds to add a bohemian look to your interior.

Moroccan Kilim pillows and cushions:

The Moroccan Kilim pillows and cushions are essential in Boho-Chic and Bohemian decorating style. Kilim pillows and cushions constructed from hand-woven Kilim rug can also be mixed with modern or traditional decor.

Moroccan Berber pillows and cushions:

Moroccan Berber pillows and cushions are the characteristics of the traditional industry for which Berbers are known in the High and Small Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The makers of these items are artists who do their best to make unique and original pieces.

Moroccan pillows floor and cushions:  

Our large selection of Moroccan floor pillows is very wonderful and handmade to add a touch of elegance to your living rooms.

We do our best to satisfy all your needs, that’s why we select for you a large collection of:  

  • Moroccan lumbar pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan wedding pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan decorative pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan silk pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan wedding blanket pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan cactus silk pillows and cushions,
  • Moroccan pattern pillows and cushions…