How to fill your new berber pouf

How to fill your new berber pouf ?

These are the questions you ask yourself when you receive an empty pouf. The Moroccan pouf is usually delivered without padding and it can be annoying to not know how to fill it when you receive it.

Everyone has their own preference as to how a pouf should be placed. Some people will find a soft pouf comfortable. Others prefer a sturdy pouf. Whether it’s a round leather pouf or a woolen berber pouf, the method remains the same. In this article, we explain the complete process to fill your new Moroccan pouf perfectly.

What to fill a Moroccan pouf with?

You can use all kinds of materials to fill the poufs.

For a firm seat, we recommend using old materials such as old clothes, sheets or unusable towels. These materials give the pouf a filled shape and a full appearance. This is a great way to tidy up your closet.

For a light, soft seat, you can stuff the floor cushion with newspapers or plastic bags. You can also use polyester, polyether, foam blocks or natural fibers. These materials are available at fabric stores.

Important: Make sure the materials you choose are dry and clean.

3 steps to fill a Moroccan pouf :

With these 3 easy steps, we explain how to fill your Moroccan pouf:

  • Open the pouf with the zipper and shape it into a filled pouf.
  • Start by putting a sheet or towel on the base, so that the seat area looks flat.
  • Add the towels and old clothes around the edges, pushing them in firmly to fill in all the little spaces, and keep adding layers of material until the pouf is completely filled.

The more filling you do, the more the pouf will take on its basic shape. All you have to do is zipper up the pouf and you’re done. Now you can enjoy your new Moroccan floor cushion.

The Moroccan pouf is not only used to sit comfortably. These floor cushions are multi-functional and can also be used as a coffee table, side seat, footrest or simply as a decorative object. You will find in our store Moroccan poufs in leather of all colors and Berber poufs in wool handmade from warm Berber carpets.

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